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Ever Tumbling After

Do you remember those moments in elementary school when you would be asked to list (or circle) your favorite hobbies? I have the vivid memory of complete paralysis during these exercises- the kind of mental blankness that sweeps over most students during final exams. I can hear myself internally talking myself down off of the ledge, “Come on, you know this.” I realize- a comical level of pressure for something that the teacher undoubtedly put in the garbage immediately, but a perfectionist I’ll always be. It is unfortunate that my second grade teacher didn’t have the foresight to whisper in my ear “just write down ‘master of none.’” I would have saved precious minutes (and now that I think of it, years) of agonizing and smeared eraser marks. To this day, I am fiercely dedicated to a broad spectrum of undertakings. “Staying busy” is my defining quality. Interestingly, I do, but have never felt that I am. As a fine replacement for my old seashell collection, it was in high school that I began collecting experiences. I prided myself on adding to my pot of thrills, all the while finding it much more interesting to continue the hunt, rather than sit still and hone a single skill set. Still, I run but don't feel like runner. I'm in an MBA program but I am not a business person. I backpacked around the world for five straight years, yet this--along with every other venture--feels like an accessory, not the outfit. The good news: there are some beautiful stories that evolve from this sort of zeal and life diversity. As it turns out, “a little of this and a little of that” is a great conversation piece. And the takeaway? I am an advocate that "pretty okay at a lot," while not having the same ring to it as "virtuoso," makes for an exquisite life. I'll convince you in the end. So I now invite you to join me in what I think will be a fun-loving, perhaps inspirational (but more likely embarrassing) conversation. Walk with me as I share a few of my life's highlights to date.

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