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  • Need for attractive, safe, walkable streetscapes and improved lighting

  • Lack of multi-use and interactive spaces, although this is shifting with the UA House opening

  • Potential for more community-based programming and events to make Jonestown a destination

  • Physical connectivity limited by few bike lanes and the need for transportation infrastructure

  • Lack of safe and attractive housing, with the exception of a few pockets

  • Noticeable disparities in health care and quality of life (large homeless population)

  • Growing opportunities for recreation and diverse learning experiences, but a need continues to exist

  • Public amenities and wellness support available with the potential to create a positive community image

  • Existing business community with potential to collaborate and align strategy

  • Need for workforce and entrepreneurial development

  • Opportunity for investment partnerships with organizations like Living Classrooms and the Abell Foundation

  • Need for capitalization of undervalued assets, i.e. historic landmarks

  • Opportunities for growing civic leadership and engagement, although participation is evident (active community meetings)

  • Need for continued to community education and a greater call to action to maintain inclusive revitalization 

  • Opportunitiy to further mobilize public officials and policy decision-makers to be change agents in Jonestown development

  • Potential to grow community interaction and communication (see Healthy Habitat and the need to create physical spaces that support this)

  • Need to continue collaborative practice throughout the vision plan and project management to align business and community goals and values 

  • Opportunity to develop traditions and greater connection to place by event/ space creation and continued civic engagement

H e a l t h y

 H a b i t a t 

H e a l t h y

P E o P L e 

i n c l u s i v e

w e a l t h

e n g a g e d

c i t i z e n s 

c o h e s i v e

c o m m u n i t i e s 

Vision      Strategy      change

Our Project

Creating The Historic Jonestown Business Association




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